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Jamie Sabel is a health and wellness enthusiast, founding Simply Sabel in early 2019. She has achieved her M.S. in Nutrition and Wellness and is accredited as a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Jamie uses a holistic approach with her clients; helping them implement more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods into their diet.

She prides herself on a customized approach with each client, knowing we are all different and have different goals. Jamie is a talented and passionate coach dedicated to helping build confidence, mindfulness, and overall wellness all through healthy food choices.


Kelsey Bradshaw graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance and an ACE Personal Training certification. Since then, she has been involved in personal training and managing various fitness facilities in the Chicago area. She has a background training clients with focuses anywhere from weight loss to athletic performance and agility training. She has a lot of experience working with small group training, but also one on one. She can help you reach and exceed your fitness goals and is ready to take your fitness journey to the next level!



Antonio Norman Offers One On One Experience And Pays Close Attention To His Clients Needs And Wants. When It Comes To Fitness, Antonio Strives On Being The Best And Bringing Out The Best In His Clients.

He Will Push You To Your Limits To Make This Happen! Are You Ready For The Challenge?

Antonio Brings Over 17 Years Of Fitness And Training Experience. Over Time He Has Successfully Helped Over 2,000 Individuals In Reaching Their Goals And Would Now Like To Help You With Yours. He Has Decided To Take His Knowledge And Skills Worldwide To Help Others With The Same Goal In Mind.

One Of His Best Strengths Is To Insure You Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Forces You To Make The Best Choices When It Comes To Fitness. Antonio (Truth In Results Training) Lives By His Name And Will Stop At Nothing To Ensure Your Goals Are Met!


Jamie Vargas Growing up I have always been active in sports. I’ve played baseball, basketball and volleyball. But it wasn’t until high school when I took weight lifting seriously. I’ve always had a passion for working out. During volleyball in high school, we actively did drills to better ourselves and make us stronger. But in college is where I found my true calling.

I ended up at Columbia College Chicago to pursue a career in dance. As I was dancing all day, I was also lifting. A trainer at a gym approached me and told me I should be a trainer so I went the route of NASM. From then, I’ve been NASM certified. During that time I received my Bachlor’s in dance from Columbia College Chicago.

As an all-around trainer and class instructor, I make clients feel good about themselves, push them to their limits, make them feel comfortable about themselves and with me. I like to help people achieve their goals whether it be weight loss, balance, muscle gains, stability, etc. Its my goal to make the client feel good and happy knowing they can achieve anything they want. In a classroom setting, I want everyone to just have fun, be upbeat, bring positivity, encourage everyone because we are all in this together.