We provide the highest quality equipment available including: Troy and Ivanco dumbbells to 110lbs. and plates; Cybex and Power Strength cable machines; StarTrac treadmills; Precor elliptical machines; SportsArt cross-trainers; Stairmaster and LifeFitness stair climbers; LifeCycle and Tectrix stationary bicycles. Our free weight section has squat racks, a SmithMachine, a cable crossover machine, benches (flat, incline, decline) and barbells. While there are many important aspects for selecting a gym, consider #1 Gym for:

  • abundant supply of free weights
  • wide selection of machines
  • availability of equipment during busy periods ensuring no waiting lines or sign-up sheets
  • extremely clean locker and shower areas
  • certified personal trainers
  • no initiation fees
  • low monthly cost
  • non-intimidating atmosphere where beginners feel welcome